être belle


Good Morning my dears.

This blogpost is about something I really love and I think you will too. It is about my experience with the products of être belle Cosmetics.

I am using some products of être belle Cosmetics for years like the moisturizer with Aloe Vera for my face and some make-up products like lipsticks and the hyaluronic cleaning Set. This Set is just amazing and I can recommend it to you. I have got it I think two years ago from my mother as a birthday gift and I still love it. Now I had the opportunity to use some more products and I’ve done it.  Continue reading

My makeup is ready for spring


It will hopefully get a bit warmer. It does not even snow but it is still quite cold. One still doesn’t know when the winter is going to be over or is it going to get colder. But I thought about preparing my makeup products for spring and that made me warm.

I was supposed to test the products of “essence” for you. These products consist of a lipstick, mascara, nail polish and a blush. First of all I was excited about the results because these are my first essence products ever. Continue reading